Young Leaders Scheme

for North East District Explorers

What is the Young Leaders Scheme?


The Young Leaders scheme gives explorer scouts aged between 14 and 18 the opportunity to assist alongside adult leaders in either the beaver, cub or scout sections.

To become a young leader in North East district you need to be registered as an explorer scout (within our district) at either:

  • An explorer unit or group.
  • North East district young leaders unit.

The Young Leaders’ Scheme helps Explorer Scouts to develop and grow as individuals. It allows them to make a valuable contribution to their community and give service to others. The scheme also helps them fulfil the service elements of the Chief Scouts awards and Duke of Edinburgh awards.


Getting Started


To get started as a Young Leader you need to:

  • (1) Speak to your explorer unit leader or group leader and let them know that you would like to become a Young Leader.
  • (2) Make sure your registered with an explorer unit (see above).
  • (3) Complete 'Module A' from the training programme within 3 months as starting as a Young Leader.
  • (4) Their is no step 4, it's that easy to get started!

Young Leader Training

Module A
Prepare for Take Off

Module A provides you with some essential information about being a Young Leader.

This module needs to be completed within 3 months of becoming a Young Leader.

If you are already a YL and did not have access to the training courses then please contact the DESC to arrange your training asap.



What Should Young Leaders Wear

This may vary with local arrangements at individual units / groups but accepted variations include:

  • Full Explorer uniform.
  • Explorer shirt & necker.
  • Explorer / district / unit / group polo shirt & necker.
  • Explorer / district / unit / group hoodie & necker.

Orange Card

Young People First Code of Good Practice for Young Leaders

Similar to adult leaders Yellow Card, the Orange Card provides you with an instant reference to important procedures and responsibilities.

The card should be carried with you whenever you acting as a Young Leader. They are available on any of our training courses.


Young Leader Missions


As part of the Young Leaders Scheme there are four missions to be completed alongside the eleven training modules.

These missions are designed to allow Young Leaders to put the learning from the modules into practice. By doing so, they will gain in confidence and become an integral part of the leadership team within their section and group.